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The Practice


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best hearing products and services for your needs at an affordable price.

Whether you need to improve your hearing with a budget priced product or the newest high-tech hearing aid, we can help you!

It’s our goal to make sure EVERYBODY HEARS!

Click here to schedule your in-home or in-office visit!  We come to you!


Experience and Professionalism

 With years of experience, our team will assess your hearing loss and help you select the hearing device that's right for you. We understand the importance of learning about your lifestyle so your hearing aids are programmed perfectly for your needs.  We provide ongoing training to make sure that you fully understand how to use and maintain your hearing aids. We come to you! Click to schedule.


A Hearing Specialist That Cares

Improving your quality of life is our primary goal. Your hearing is important to living your best possible life!  Getting the right hearing aid is only the first step. Coaching you on how to use and maintain your hearing aids is vital to your success.

We want you to love your hearing aids!  

"Seeing is believing but HEARING is everything."

Carey A. Bowen, HAS



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